Nuclear Security Contact Group

2019 Convener: Hungary


The Nuclear Security Contact Group (NSCG) was established at the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit through the Joint Statement on Sustaining Action to Strengthen Global Nuclear Security.

The co-sponsors of the Joint Statement agreed to help address continuing and evolving nuclear security challenges, with the objectives of advancing implementation of nuclear security commitments and building a strengthened, sustainable and comprehensive global nuclear security architecture.

The NSCG or “Contact Group” has been established with the aim of facilitating cooperation and sustaining engagement on nuclear security after the conclusion of the Nuclear Security Summit process. The Contact Group is tasked with:

  • Convening annually on the margins of the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and, as may be useful, in connection with other related meetings;
  • Discussing a broad range of nuclear security-related issues, including identifying emerging trends that may require more focused attention;
  • Promoting and assessing implementation of nuclear security commitments, including those made during the Nuclear Security Summit process, reflected in the four Nuclear Security Summit Communiqués, the 2010 Washington Work Plan, the 2016 Action Plans, national commitments and associated joint statements, and gift baskets;
  • Developing and maintaining linkages to nongovernmental experts and nuclear industry; and,
  • Determining any additional steps that may be appropriate to support these goals.

We welcome new members to the Contact Group (see How to Join) as well as additional subscribers to the IAEA Information Circulars on Nuclear Security (see IAEA INFCIRCs)

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NuSec Talks

NuSec Talks: Security through Law

IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi called for universal adherence to and full implementation of the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material (CPPNM) and its 2005 Amendment during the 64th IAEA General Conference.

The virtual NuSec Talks: Security through Law event, held today, drew an audience from around the world to discuss the tangible nuclear security benefits of joining and implementing the only legally binding international undertaking on the physical protection of nuclear material and nuclear facilities used for peaceful purposes.


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INFCIRC 908: A Global Tool for Insider Threat Mitigation

This video has been revised for IAEA ICONS 2020 Side Event “Got Insiders in Nuclear Security?” This video premiered on 12 March 2019 at the 2019 International Symposium on Insider Threat Mitigation in Brussels, Belgium. The Symposium was co-hosted by Belgium and the United States.

INFCIRC 909: A Global Tool for Transport Security

This video premiered on 14 November 2019 at the International Transportation Security Symposium in Tokyo, Japan. The symposium was hosted by Japan. This video was revised in February 2020 for the IAEA International Conference on Nuclear Security.