Nuclear Security Contact Group

NSCG Membership

Membership is contingent on making a public commitment to the Contact Group’s Statement of Principles, we would invite you to do so, for example, through a press release, or as an INFCIRC at the IAEA indicating your country is subscribing to the commitments outlined in INFCIRC/899. Please see the attached draft note verbale to the IAEA Secretariat indicating a commitment to the goals set out in INFCIRC/899.

In addition to a public commitment to the Statement of Principles, I would note for the benefit of your capital that each Member is asked to designate an appropriately mandated senior official as your representative in the Contact Group (i.e. a “Sherpa-like” level of seniority). For reference, States tend to be represented either by Vienna-based Ambassadors, or Foreign Ministry representatives at the Director-General level, or in some cases, by Nuclear Regulatory Authorities.

For your awareness, membership also entails supporting the work of the Contact Group, which includes helping implement nuclear security commitments, including those made in the NSS process. We note that this does not include the so-called “Gift Baskets” or joint statements in the NSS process, which states subscribed to on an individual basis. For more information on applicable documents relevant to the Nuclear Security Contact Group:

A TEMPLATE for a Note Verbale to Join the NSCG can be found here